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How To: Configure Okta
How To: Configure Okta

Learn how to configure Kluster to sign in using your Okta account.

Written by Jonny Caulfield
Updated over a week ago


You can now log into Kluster using your Okta account.

Prerequisites & Requirements

  • You must have access to an Okta organization on an Okta Business or Enterprise plan.

  • You must be an Okta administrator for your organization.

  • Your organization must have an active Kluster subscription

  • You must have active Kluster users for your organization with matching Okta usernames.

  • Install the Kluster app for your organization on your Okta instance from the Okta app catalog.

Supported features

  • Identity Provider initiated SSO via OpenID Connect.

  • A SSO operation that was initiated from Okta via dashboard

Add Integration

In your Okta admin account search for "Kluster" in the Okta App Catalog and add Kluster app integration.

Client Credentials

Once you've added Kluster into your Okta app integrations, you'll need to share the app client id and your Okta domain with Kluster.

Enable Okta

Please contact your Kluster CSM to enable Okta SSO.

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